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Dropbox, why use it

Dropbox, a service with 2 GB of free storage space, runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux computers, as well as on the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. It is used primarily as a way to share files between multiple people or to synchronize files across multiple machines. But Dropbox also keeps a history of changes for every file added to Dropbox, making it worth considering as a backup solution, depending on your needs.

Since I use multiple computers, and a smartphone, Dropbox provides a way to have a set of files always available regardless of device. I can also access those files from any other computer via the Dropbox website. Since files are stored locally on each device, you can work on files while offline, then allow for files to automatically synchronize when an internet connection becomes available.

Dropbox is easy to use. Once set up, you now have a new folder on your computer that works just the same as any other folder, but with the added benefits that Dropbox provides. So there's nothing new to learn.

Lastly, with Dropbox you can optionally use a two-step verification process, making it much more difficult for someone to hack into your account.

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